Our instructors make all the difference in helping you 'carve a strong core'!  Decades of experience combine to provide you with an amazing class experience every visit.

Cari Allen - An adventure seeker and fitness enthusiast, Cari created core 3 and just knew it would be a perfect addition to the fitness landscape in St. Louis!   In addition to teaching fitness classes for the past 20 years, Cari has also completed the Boston Marathon, Ironman Florida, Assault on Mount Mitchell and many other outdoor adventures.  After years of competing and injuries, Cari understands the importance of cross training and 'carving a strong core' to support movement.   Come and see what all the buzz is about and take your fitness to the next level with core 3!

Cheryl Waites - Cheryl has been teaching indoor cycling for 15 years.  She is passionate about making each class experience an opportunity for riders to "do more".  She believes that every rider, experienced or new, should leave a cycling class feeling like they have taken themselves farther than they imagined they could.  She is excited about thethe RealRyder technology and the benefits it will bring to cycling classes, including a better core and upper body workout.  Cheryl has competed in numerous triathlons, including 5 Ironman triathlons.  She is thrilled about sharing her enthusiasm for cycling and fitness at core 3! 

Kelly Goodwin - Kelly grew up swimming competitively so it was a natural transition in college to get into triathlons.  After getting the racing bug, Kelly participated and rocked many distances from 10K, half marathon, full marathon, olympic and half ironman events.  Because of her love of fitness, she started teaching spinning and group exercise classes 8 years ago and then got her  AAFA personal trainer certification.  Known as 'killer Kelly' in some circles, she definitely packs a punch in her workouts but she truly believes it is important to find  balance - exercise for both mind and body

Cori Rootz - Cori is a native of St. Louis.  She is a certified Ashtaga and Vinyasa Yoga teacher and also has an extensive background in Pilates, corporate fitness and wellness and personal training.  She enjoys hiking, swimming, yoga and basically anything that gets her outside an moving.  As a core 3 instructor she hopes to encourage a mind body approach to fitness allowing compassion for ourselves and others both on and off the boards.  She believes that through strength, balance, focus and of course sweat, it is amazing what we can achieve.

Cayte Brier - Cayte grew up dancing.  After receiving her BS in Dance Performance and Choreography it was a natural transition to teaching and training.  She taught dance for several years while also becoming Pilates Reformer and Mat certified and obtaining her Personal Training Certification.  She is very excited to bring the elements of dance and pilates to the boards at core 3!  


Kim Carriglio - For Kim, finding a second career as a fitness instructor has been a dream come true. Whether she is guiding someone on their personal fitness journey or teaching a room full of people, she makes sure it is a memorable, fun adventure and makes sure everyone leaves feeling successful and confident.  She believes that exercise should be fun and it shows in her energetic and playful style. She truly believes that changes come when you fall in love with what your are doing. She has been teaching spin, yoga, Pilates and group classes for over 15 years but you will never experience the same format twice. Join her for a class and you are guaranteed to sweat and laugh and get fit!

Whitney Ackerman - Whitney completed her first half marathon 7 years ago and it was the race that started her passion for fitness. She is a certified spinning instructor and has a Group TRX certification. Her enthusiasm for fitness is contagious as is her laugh, which happens often. She believes that working out is a celebration of how much your body can do, not a punishment. Whether you're a beginner or a regular, Whitney is going to make sure that you not only have proper form but that you're challenging yourself in the best way. In every Whitney Class, you're guaranteed a few laughs and maybe a plank or two. 

Cara Eplin - Cara is a lifestyle enthusiast who loves getting her sweat on!  She believes in the importance of being fit is both physically and mentally. Above all Cara believes fitness should be fun which shows in her CoreKick classes!  When Cara was introduced to Turbo Kick she fell in love and found her passion in teaching. When she isn't teaching CoreKick at C3 she enjoys running!  In fact, she has ran over a dozen half marathons!  Cara is beyond grateful to be a Core 3 Instructor and looks forward to helping you clear your head and achieve your fitness goals.


Mary Mack - Mary grew up dancing, competing in dance and teaching dance through her college years. When she moved to St. Louis and discovered barre and pilates she immediately fell in love with both formats and the connection to her dance training. Taking Barre to the boards at Core 3 was a creative challenge but one she loves. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing clients improve their technique from week to week—and putting together fun, themed playlists for class. She’s so grateful for Core 3 and Cari’s mission to keep fitness unique, challenging and fun. 


Caroline Becker




Kaycee Veilleux - Kaycee has been a certified fitness instructor for 5 years. She started off doing personal training but, in a pinch, was asked to sub a group fitness class…turns out she was a natural!  The feedback and energy she received was amazing and from that point forward she knew that her passion was teaching in a group setting! Kaycee is certified to teach many formats but her signature styles are circuit training and HIIT.  If you have taken Kaycee’s class you know that she likes to go hard and encourages her classes to do the same. You can catch her slamming sandbags and rocking the boards with her stand-out-of-the-crowd purple hair. Her favorite quote is “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”!

Jen Sauter - Jen has been Mad Dog spin certified and teaching for 10 years.  She started at the local YMCA and grew to love the fitness world so much that she went and obtained her AFAA Group Fitness certification and is working to get her Personal Training certification as well.  Growing up she was always active with drill team and soccer.  She has run several half marathons and competed in local sprint triathlons and feels that any day she can get out there and exercise is a good day!  She’s excited about joining the Core 3 family and encourages everyone to try something new and different….and just keep moving!!

Regina Raineri - Regina has been teaching spinning, along with boot camp, yoga and personal training since 2008. She has been an athlete her entire life, from grade school track & soccer, high school fieldhockey & cheerleading, to marathons and triathlons as an adult - yes, even an Ironman. Her happy place is anywhere that she can be active, sitting still is a struggle. Give her a weight room, bike, pool, a trail.....heaven! She's super excited to be back teaching CoreCycle at Core 3 because the bikes are awesome and the people are even better.