Contact Info:


Phone:  314.494.6900

Know before you Core:

Class Formats:

•    Core 3 Surf:  Enjoy a fast paced 45 minutes alternating between High Intensity Cardio and Strength work all on our signature boards

•    Core 3 TRX:  This class uses a combo of our signature boards along with TRX and the force of gravity to build balanced strength and rock your CORE!

•    Core 3 Barre:  Barre on the board - A total body workout using elements and techniques of dance and Pilates to lengthen and strengthen your core

•    Core 3 Barre BootCamp:  All of the great barre work plus high intensity cardio

•    CoreCycle:  A cycling experience on our RealRyder bikes (45 or 60 minute options).

•    CoreCycle 30:  30 minutes of cycling.  Take this class by itself or pair with another format for a longer workout!

•    Pedal & Paddle:  Take a ride along the shoreline and then hit the boards for a heart pounding full body workout.

•    Pedal, Ropes & TRX:  Take a ride along the shoreline and then hit the beach for a powerful strength and conditioning class combining work on the boards, TRX and Battle Ropes

•    Pedal & Sculpt:  30 minutes cycling and 30 minutes of strength training.

•    Core 3 Beach Boot Camp:  We pull out all the stops in the class by utilizing a variety of equipment in new and exciting ways guaranteed to keep your body guessing and improve endurance as well as athletic performance.

•    CoreKick: A high intensity cardio kick class guaranteed to get your heart pounding and torch calories

•    Core 3 Surf Intro:  A class geared toward building confidence on the boards

•    Core 3 TRX Intro:  A class with the focus on strength and stretching.  Perfect for lunchtime or for those just getting started with TRX.

•    Iron Core:  A class the mixes heart pounding core and cardio moves on the boards mixed with TRX and kettlebell exercises.  A sure fire way to stay strong and shred!

•    Core 3 TRX & Ropes:  A powerful strength and conditioning class combining work on our boards, TRX and Battle Ropes

•    IronCycle: 30 minutes of intense cycling followed by kettlebell and TRX work

 Personal Training:

  • We offer personal training and small group training.  Pricing is listed below.  If you are interested in more personalized attention, this option if for you!  Contact Core 3 at 314.494.6900 to schedule your session!


  • Class Pricing:

    • New Client - 2 classes for the price of 1:   $20 and receive a second class FREE (New clients only and second class must be used within 30 days)

    • New Client Special:  $180 for 2 months of unlimited classes

    • Drop In:  $20

    • 10 Class Card:  $180 ($18/class)

    • 5 Class Card:  $95 ($19/class)

    • Unlimited Monthly:  $140 (If you attend 3X/week = $11.66/class)

    • Core 3(65):  Our VIP program for annual members!  $80/month setup on auto-draft with a 12-month commitment.

    • Monthly 8 visit pass:  $99 (Allows 8 visits = $12.37/class + option for discounted drop in rate of $15).  This option expires one month from your first visit.

    • Monthly 4 visit pass:  $60 (Allows 4 visits = $15.00/class + option for discounted drop in rate of $17).  This option expires one month from your first visit.

  • Personal Training Pricing:

    • Single:  $65

    • 2 People:  $50/each

    • 3 People:  $35/each

    • 4 People:  $25/each

    • 10 Pack of Single Sessions:  $460

  • Childcare Pricing:

    • Single:  $6

    • 5 visit card:  $20

 What you should wear and bring to class:

  • We leave the decision to go with or without shoes to YOU!  Going barefoot can definitely help with balance on the boards but some of our formats include work on the floor that may feel better with shoes.  Not sure what to do? Bring clean tennis shoes and kick them off if you don't want them.  If you are Cycling, you can wear regular tennis shoes or cycling shoes on the bikes

  • We sweat and move ALOT so wear cool, comfortable clothing that allows you to stay cool and move around comfortably. Also make sure to bring a water bottle and towel