Core 3 Member: Jen Feldmann - Nurse Practitioner & Resident Rockstar


For full disclosure I have known the owner of Core3Fitness Cari Allen since childhood.  As much as I love Cari she alone is not what keeps me coming back to Core3.  I lost my father somewhat suddenly this year and the Core3 family truly kept me sane. The small class size and amazing instructors kept me going forward instead of looking back! Those months and still now Core3 is literally therapy for me. I remember walking into classes with tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart and leaving 1 hour later feeling like I could keep going as hard as it seemed. Just seeing Kim, Cari or Whitney’s smiling face and energy and I just felt centered and calm.  As a medical professional I prescribe antidepressants too often when in fact exercise has more benefit than any pill. I truly would not have gotten through some of the worst days if it had not been for my family at Core3!

Getting to know all of the instructors and the variety of “classmates” keeps me motivated. I had never liked spinning before Core 3 and now I am addicted. Even though I was already into fitness when I started coming to Core3 I am in classes with all levels of fitness and ages and somehow these instructors manage to keep me interested and motivated EVERY class without intimidation!

SO, Thank you Cari for taking the chance on such a great new fitness concept here in St. Louis and for bringing all of the unique and incredible instructors to one great place!

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