Start Your Resolutions NOW

The New York Times had a startling headline a few weeks ago. It goes This is the Least You'll Weight All Year. Sorry.  You read that right. Starting now, you will gradually gain weight and add an additional 5 to 10 pounds of weight on by the end of the holiday season. Through office parties, family gatherings, Halloween candy etc. the scale will go up and it will take up to 5 months to loose it all once the holidays are over. Those little nibbles here and there add up. Fortunately, Core 3 is here to help. Here are some tips to help you battle the temptation this Holiday season.

1. Set your New's Year's Goals NOW. Don't wait until January, set them now and start on them. Go to 5 classes a week, instead of 3. Do a plank challenge for 3 months to keep you focused through the holiday's. Find a travel friendly workout if you'll be traveling through the Holiday's. Don't worry, we'll provide one before Holiday's kick off. 

2.Eat a giant salad before you go to a party or some carrot sticks and hummus. Drink a protein shake if you're in a hurry. Either way, fill your belly up with some vegetables and protein so that you don't arrive starving. This will help you from attacking that spinach and artichoke dip and eating too much.

3. Weigh yourself more often. As much as we hate the scale, it does help influence our decisions throughout the day. 

4. Drink a 8-16 ounces of water before eating anything at the party. That water will create a full feeling in your stomach so you'll have less room for that 3rd cookie. 

5. Know your weakness. If your weakness is cookies and once you start, you can't stop. Then don't start. Instead, go for a dessert that isn't your favorite, but will still satisfy that sweet tooth. 

6. Make sure to get your workouts in. If you have a party in the evening and can't make it to class, then get up early to get that class in. Try to push yourself a little harder this holiday season. That way those splurges don't add up too quickly. 

7. Lasty, balance, balance, balance. At Core 3 we believe in enjoying the holiday season, splurging a little bit here and there. Don't beat yourself up over it and don't punish your body for eating that extra slice of pie. Instead, enjoy the slice of pie and then celebrate your body by showing up to class and working your booty off. 

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