Instructor Kelly and her inspirational business outside of Core 3!

As we prepare to launch our exciting Girl Power Sessions, we thought it a perfect fit to highlight Instructor KELLY GOODWIN's super inspiring business outside of Core 3 helping mothers and mentors inspire young girls to love themselves one pair of SEE & BEs at a time…

Kelly, Can you tell us about your inspiring business?  
"When I started my own business making shorts for girls to wear under skirts and dresses I didn't anticipate it evolving into a product with a purpose more important than covering undies.  But, I stumbled upon staggering statistics showing nearly half of our nation's girls are unhappy with their bodies and feel societal pressure to be thin.  This is happening in girls as young as 6 years of age!  As a woman and a mother of a young daughter, I felt compelled to do something about this situation. 

I was encouraged by Jess Weiner, a Dove Global self-esteem ambassador, who reports an overwhelming number of girls still value their mother over celebrities and supermodels as their number one source of inspiration.  Mothers and mentors can make difference in the lives of young girls and how they feel about themselves.  It is my hope that SEE & BEs can help inspire a girl and change her world!"

For more information and to place your order, go to

Girl Power Sessions:  We are beyond excited to announce that we have partnered with the amazing life coach, Stephanie Gold, to develop 6 week mind/body sessions geared toward providing tools girls can use to help build stronger self esteem.  We are launching our first Girl Power Session on April 19th!  The topic will be 'Feeling good in your wetsuit' and we will open registration on Monday, April 6th.  

  • Tween Session - geared toward girls ages 10-12.  Sundays @3:30
  • Teen Session - geared toward girls ages 13-15.  Sundays@4:30
  • Contact Core 3 Fitness for more information!



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