A new chapter has begun…..

What started out as a fun language immersion trip (with our four kids, did I say fun?!?) to Costa Rica has turned into one of the biggest opportunities of my life thus far.  While in Costa Rica, my friend Jen told me about this crazy class she had taken the day before and that I just HAD to try it (we are both fitness junkies).  I went, I tried, I became a believer in…..SURFSET!  After teaching fitness classes for a Looooong time, this workout was such a breath of fresh air.  It was fun, difficult, amazing!  

The entire walk home on a long and very dusty road from that first SURFSET class, Jen and I talked a mile a minute about how this concept needed to be brought back with us.  


Fast forward to our return to the states….I immediately ordered a board and started having my friends and fellow fitness junkies over for a 'ride' in my basement.  Everyone loved it.  Now I knew, St. Louis needed this!  So SURFSET inspired core 3 but it was the amazing core engagement brought about by this workout that inspired the addition of RealRyder 'un-stationary' bikes and TRX to the mix.

I found an amazing spot!  Smack dab in the middle of all the St. Louis action in Hanley Industrial Court.  I received my key on Tuesday, passed the occupancy inspection on Wednesday and received my first shipments….10 boards and 10 sets of bands!  Yipee!  Game on!  Pre Opening classes begin on 11.17.14!