5 Random Facts About Kaycee

Most of you know Kaycee Veilleux as the purple haired instructor who kicks your booty in a blend class on a weekly basis. In between hustling around town with two toddlers and planning awesome playlists; we asked her 5 random questions so we could all get to know her a little better. 

1. Are you a morning person or a night owl? If I had to choose, I would say I am more of an early bird. Although I'm not very pleasant until I've had a cup of coffee or two. I tend to be up early by default of toddlers. 

2. Do you have any pets? I have a Puggle named Winchester. And a black cat named Salem. I love black cats and would have a bunch if I could. 

3. What did you want to be when you were little? Meteorologist 

4. What do you eat for breakfast? I love eggs. I can eat about 4 eggs and lately, I've been eating some veggies for my breakfast. Like green beans or asparagus. If I don't have anywhere to be in the mornings, sometimes I cook up a little sweet potato. Oh. And coffee. 

5. Favorite place to shop? Target. Gap. Old Navy and Fresth Thyme. 

Thanks to Kaycee for answering some random questions! 

Mashed Cauliflower For Your Thanksgiving Enjoyment!

A couple of years ago we hosted Thanksgiving and I wanted to try out a new recipe I had seen for mashed cauliflower but I also didn't want to disappoint the potato loving crowd.  So, I made a HUGE amount of mashed potatoes and a SMALL serving of mashed cauliflower.  Well, my crowd scarfed down the mashed cauliflower and barely touched the potatoes….they were just.that.AMAZING!  

So, as you begin planning your Thanksgiving meal, I wanted to pass on this yummy recipe and just a little bit of advice….make WAY more of this than the potatoes if you want any chance of getting some for yourself!!!




1 head of Cauliflower
2 tbsp Olive Oil
2 to 3 cloves Garlic, minced
2 tbsp Parmesan Cheese
4 oz Goat cheese
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Any other Herbs or Spices you want


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
2. Toss the garlic and cauliflower in the olive oil. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and any other spices you choose (sometimes I add red pepper flakes when I am feeling spicy). Place in preheated oven and bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until top is lightly browned and cauliflower is fork tender. Cool slightly.
3. In a food processor, put in Parmesan and goat cheese. Pour in the cauliflower garlic mix and process until smooth and creamy. Stir in fresh herbs if so desired.
4. Remove mix and place in a baking dish.  Top with a little more goat cheese and bake for 5 minutes longer.  
5. Enjoy!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Core 3!  We hope you enjoy time with your family and can't wait to see you in the studio soon!


Five Morning Habits to Jump Start Your Metabolism!

1) Drink warm water with lemon right when you wake up

When you wake up and don’t know what to do first, taking up the habit of having a cup of warm lemon water will serve you well. It cleanses the digestive system and gets your metabolism on point so that you’re firing on all cylinders.

The water should be warm so that it’s not a shock to your system, but you can switch to cold water for the remainder of your water intake, as this has been shown to raise your resting metabolic rate.

You can also add in a bit of organic, raw honey to sweeten up the sour lemon and introduce digestive enzymes and antioxidants to the equation.

Making It Work: Each time you’re at the store make sure you pick up a bag of organic lemons. Having them on hand is key if you want to stick with this long enough to make a habit out of it. Lemons keep very well in the refrigerator, so they won’t go bad before you can use them up.

2)  Workout!  At least 20 minutes of good total body strength training

Building muscle is a sure way to increase your metabolic rate, and one of the best times of the day to do strength training is in the morning. This is one habit you don’t want to pass on, and if you choose only one on this list, make it this one.

Strength training puts your body in fat-burning mode, and if you don’t get exercise in the morning the likelihood is that you’ll be in fat-storing mode instead. By getting active in the morning you’ll have a greater chance of staying active and energetic all day.

If doing resistance training isn’t feasible, do an HIIT session. High Intensity Interval Training will keep your metabolism high for several hours after you complete the session.

Making It Work: If you don’t see yourself going to the gym every morning for strength training, invest in a set of resistance bands and use those instead. They take away any weather-related excuse, and make it so you can lift all of your major muscle groups from the comfort and privacy of home.

3)  Eat PROTEIN, Protein, PROTEIN

Eggs are one of the best ways to get your metabolism in gear, and it doesn’t matter how you cook them up, you’ll still be getting the nutrition and the boost to your metabolism they provide.

The protein in eggs is what is most important for your metabolism, and will make sure that you not only feel satisfied for much of the morning, but that you’re burning calories as you go about your day.

Making It Work: Expand your repertoire of egg recipes so that you can make up your eggs in many different ways so that you look forward to them rather than thinking you have to stay with the same old same old every morning.

4)  Pack a Snack for Later

The morning is the time to set yourself up for success the rest of the day, and make sure you don’t run into any metabolism roadblocks later on. Getting hungry and reaching for the nearest unhealthy snack is a good way to slow your metabolism down, so be prepared with a healthy snacking option.

Change up your snack depending on how you feel each day, and what you think you’ll want most later. This keeps it interesting and makes you more likely to stick with it and form a habit out of it. Snacking helps keep your metabolism strong and prevents eating food that isn’t good for you.

Making It Work: Make a snack that you’re really going to want later so that you have something to get excited about before lunch. It’s amazing how a simple snack can totally change the way you feel all morning long, with the anticipation before the snack and the satisfaction after you eat it.

5)  Fill Your Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key if you want to keep your metabolism humming along. If you started your morning with a cup of warm water with lemon, you’ve already started the process of rehydrating the body after a night’s slumber.

Making It Work: Take your weight and divide by 2. Drink that amount of water in ounces each day. To make it extra simple, buy a water bottle that makes it easy to divide it up for the day. So if you want to drink 75 ounces of water, find a 24 ounce water bottle and make sure to fill it up 3 times (plus drink your lemon water when you wake up)

Cori shares her 'Green Monster' recipe in honor of St. Pat's Day!

How does instructor, CORI ROOTZ fuel her family first thing in the morning?  Rocking the boards most days at Core 3, Cori shares her tried and true healthy breakfast game plan for feeding and hydrating her cute family of 6!  

How do you start the day? 

To start the day, my go to foods include whole wheat cereals, Greek yogurt, cage fed eggs, dairy, almond or coconut milk. Oatmeal is also a very big deal at our house. My kids love it!! My kids aren't really big on the non - dairy types of milk so often I mix it in with fruit smoothies in hopes they don't figure me out! You can't go wrong with a nutrient rich fruit smoothie in the morning!  For me and my hubby I often add a scoop of protein powder to my 'Green Monster' smoothie. After all, this is just the beginning of our day and we have a long way to go ;)

                                                                This is Cori ENJOYING her Green Smoothie!   


                        This is Cori ENJOYING her Green Smoothie!  

       This is Cori AFTER her Green Smoothie!  Ready to tackle any pose :-)


This is Cori AFTER her Green Smoothie!  Ready to tackle any pose :-)

Cori's favorite 'Green Monster' smoothie recipe!


1 cup milk (Cori likes coconut milk)

1/2 cup plain, Greek yogurt

1 banana, frozen and chunked

 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter

2 cups fresh spinach

 1 cup ice cubes (optional)

And Hydrating, is it important to you? 


Absolutely!  My biggest ‘go to’ "go-to" to stave off hunger is WATER. My kids usually have a bottle with them and it's not often you will catch me without mine! I've been spotted with empty Oj bottles and other large containers filled to the brim. I use these containers as a gage to see how much water I've had in a day. I know that when I've had one whole bottle I've met my need. I usually refill 2-3 times to keep myself feeling hydrated. 


My family and I are by no means perfect eaters but I try to teach healthy eating habits, balanced lifestyle choices and moderation. I eat and feed my body to be a strong and fast! I need to think clearly and have the endurance and energy to keep up with my kids and our lifestyle. I know I'm doing really well meeting my exercise and dietary needs when THEY are trying to keep up with ME!



Kids like Core 3 too!

It turns out that kids like Core 3 just as much as adults!  Last weekend we had the privilege of hosting a girl scout event, a core strengthening supplement class for a club volleyball team AND a therapy session for a group from Washington University's Club NF.  Thanks so all who participated in and made these events possible!  

Photos from our session with girls from the AWESOME Rockwood Thunder Volleyball Team who just so happen to be NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

We thoroughly enjoyed having a group from Washington University's Neurofibromatosis (NF) Center visit the studio.  The group included 30 children and their families.  We had a great time running on the beach, petting dolphins, kicking sharks, diving under waves and SURFING!  

As a result of these amazing events, we will begin offering kids class, sports supplement classes and birthday parties soon.  Look for more information to come out soon but we are targeting beginning these special classes in March of 2015!  In the mean time, feel free to contact us regarding your special event (314-494-6900)!


Opening Weekend Information!

We have an exciting opening weekend planned!  From January 9th - January 11th we will offer FREE classes so that you can stop by, check out the studio and experience our different class formats.  

Visit the schedule tab on our website, www.core3fitness, to view our schedule and register for classes.  While these classes are FREE, an accurate count of people will help us with structuring the classes.  

Below is our schedule for the Opening Weekend:  

Opening Weekend Schedule: 
5:30PM CoreRyder (Kelly)
6:30PM CoreSurf BLEND (Cari)
7:30PM CoreRyder (Kelly)
7:30PM CoreSurf BALANCE (Heather)
7:30AM  CoreRyder (Cheryl)
7:30AM CoreSurf BLEND (Cori)
8:30AM CoreSurf TRX (Cari)
9:30AM CoreSurf Intro (Cari)
12:00PM CoreSurf Balance (Heather)
4:00PM Core 1/2 and 1/2 (half cycle, half surf) (Cari)
5:00PM CoreSurf Balance (Cori)
7:30AM Core 1/2 and 1/2 (half cycle, half surf) (Kelly)
8:30AM CoreRyder (Cheryl)
8:30AM CoreSurf TRX (Cari)
9:30AM CoreSurf BLEND (Cari)
10:30AM CoreSurf BALANCE (Cori)
4:30PM Core 1/2 and 1/2 (half cycle, half surf) (Heather)


Preview Class Update

Over the last month, we held preview classes as our space was transformed.  We are so excited to share our concept and have been beyond trilled at the enthusiasm and support of our friends and family!  So many people have stopped in to get their surf, cycle and suspension on.  We learned that this 'surfing' thing is different, hard and takes us outside of our comfort zone.  Everyone stepped up to the challenge and brought it…BIG TIME!  We even had many repeat visitors!  Below are a few of our favorite pictures from our first month!  If you would like to catch a preview class, we have a few days left….check our schedule tab for class formats and times for 12/28, 12/29 and 12/30.  After that, we will be closed until our opening weekend 1/09-01/12!  Look for Opening Information in our next blog entry!


A new chapter has begun…..

What started out as a fun language immersion trip (with our four kids, did I say fun?!?) to Costa Rica has turned into one of the biggest opportunities of my life thus far.  While in Costa Rica, my friend Jen told me about this crazy class she had taken the day before and that I just HAD to try it (we are both fitness junkies).  I went, I tried, I became a believer in…..SURFSET!  After teaching fitness classes for a Looooong time, this workout was such a breath of fresh air.  It was fun, difficult, amazing!  

The entire walk home on a long and very dusty road from that first SURFSET class, Jen and I talked a mile a minute about how this concept needed to be brought back with us.  


Fast forward to our return to the states….I immediately ordered a board and started having my friends and fellow fitness junkies over for a 'ride' in my basement.  Everyone loved it.  Now I knew, St. Louis needed this!  So SURFSET inspired core 3 but it was the amazing core engagement brought about by this workout that inspired the addition of RealRyder 'un-stationary' bikes and TRX to the mix.

I found an amazing spot!  Smack dab in the middle of all the St. Louis action in Hanley Industrial Court.  I received my key on Tuesday, passed the occupancy inspection on Wednesday and received my first shipments….10 boards and 10 sets of bands!  Yipee!  Game on!  Pre Opening classes begin on 11.17.14!