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Welcome to core 3 fitness

Surf • Suspension • Cycle



Engage your core and build lean muscle on our SURFSET® boards

Our total-body classes are inspired by one of the world’s most athletic sports, surfing.

The TRX Trainer tones your core and raises endurance

Leverage gravity and your bodyweight to perform fast, effective full-body exercises. 

RealRyder® Bikes bring the fun and freedom a real bike offers

Our bikes MOVE! Steer your way to the burn you crave from cycling classes, plus core strength. 


First 2 Classes for $20



Fitness should be an experience. Laugh, try something different, surf, cycle, balance and break through a plateau. The best part? Do it TOGETHER with a community.
You’ll transform the way you look and feel in 45 minutes. Strength building and fat-shredding brought to you by Core 3’s SURF, SUSPENSION and CYCLE classes!

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